Dr. John Lee Allen announced as Managing Partner at RYSE Asset Management

We’re thrilled to announce Dr. John Lee Allen as Managing Partner at RYSE Asset Management in our mission to build the future of technology and healthcare!

"As a physician scientist with a background in engineering, and an NHS Clinical Entrepreneur Fellow, my mission is driving improvement and the adoption of technology in healthcare globally.

Several years ago, Shabir and I developed our investment thesis around the consumer shift towards the digital access of healthcare, the transfer of that delivery of care to the community, and in the foundational role of data. We developed an investment programme in partnership with DigitalHealth.London and MedCity to drive engagement across the private investment, public, and non-profit sectors."

"COVID-19 has accelerated our investment thesis and technology is revolutionising how we manage our resources in healthcare systems. We are committed to launching a digital healthcare focused venture capital fund, demonstrating a sustainable funding model embracing the non-profit sector, and proving that impact and returns can go hand in hand."

You can read the article on our LinkedIn page here.