RYSE supports Startup Leadership and NHS Clinical Entrepreneur Programme

The SLP ‘VC for a Day’ class, was a timely and exciting collaboration, between the Startup Leadership Program and the NHS Clinical Entrepreneur Programme.

"The event brought together three of the key ingredients for startup success. Namely, the entrepreneurs, who in this case were those with healthcare domain expertise, the investors who are at the interface with both the broader economy and capital markets and the supporting ecosystems; the accelerators and incubators. The ‘Investment Committee’ judging panel made up of healthcare VCs focused on early-stage startups (digital health, med-tech, and life sciences) including a specialist in venture debt! We are enormously grateful to Camilla Dolan (Managing Partner at Eka Ventures), Claudio D’Angelo (Managing Partner at RYSE Asset Management), and Kristine Erwin (Norgine Ventures) for their support and expertise."

You can read the full article on the Startup Leadership website here.